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I just found out from our Chiropractor that when you sleep on your stomach, it can cause stress to your neck muscles, joints, and nerves since your neck is usually turned to one side as well as bent sideways. Generally, the two best sleep positions are to sleep on your side or best of all flat on your back, which keeps the spine in a neutral position. If you or your child is a side sleeper, place a small pillow between the knees to help alleviate strain and tension in the lower back. Similarly, placing a pillow under the knees will help back sleepers accomplish the same beneficial tension-relieving results. It also reduces the weight pressing against your spine by almost half.  If your child sleeps often on their stomach, she recommends using a body pillow to prevent turning.

With normal sleep, your nervous system deactivates certain portions of your brain to initiate deep sleep which allows you to feel rested, relaxed and reenergized in the morning. Some sleep experts suggest that neurons used during the day repair themselves during sleep.

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June 2, 2011 at 4:48 pm

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