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Malt and Tourette

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Many chemicals in malt are toxic, and affect the nervous system. Because of this,  many foods that contain malt are bad for children with neurological problems.

Malt is germinated cereal grains. Sounds pretty inoffesive to me, but these grains develop enzymes that modify the grain’s starches into sugars, such as fructose. It is the sugar part that we found was bad for my son.

When we eliminated malt from my son’s diet we saw immediate improvements. His tics would be less frequent and less harsh.

So how did we discover this? We had noticed that Kendrick would have bad days and good days, and that often the bad days would last three days. A doctor suggested that this was the length of the digestive cycle and Kendrick might have a food sensitivity.

I read somewhere that to find food sensitivities one could, for example, eat only rice for a week and add back one food at a time and see the reaction. Of course, if his tics got worse that meant the food was bad. But there was no way I could do that. Imagine how long that would take, and it would require constant attention, and remember, I work full time.

Thank God at about that time we called Martha (see Electrodermal Screening post) for the first time and she suggested that Kendrick might have a Candida infection and we should eliminate malt, vinager, and peanuts (fermented foods). Now that I could do. And three days later kendrick was way better!!!!

From what I understand there are “triggers” out there that can make the tics worse and it is for us to find them. The problem is that every child is different so the triggers are different for each. Anything can be a trigger, like chlorine, scents (candles), new carpeting, etc… And finding them is hard. But by observing our child closely, we found some.

Malt is also malted barley and maltodextrin. We now, of course, check all ingredients and we do not buy anything with malt. Kendrick is on a Yeast free diet to kill the Candida.


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June 5, 2011 at 4:11 pm

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