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First signs of Tourette in our son

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Thinking back to the first signs, these are easy to identify, but as you are living it, these seem inoffensive and probably normal. Three different things happened the first couple of months. I’d say around November of 2009 Kendrick started asking questions before falling asleep, like “Will I be in my bed when I wake up?” or “Will I be safe?” Now these are kind of normal for any kid, but with hindsight these were the first signs of anxiety. Also, during the day he would use the word “maybe” a lot.  When it became a little more frequent then two to four times a day I asked him why he was saying that and he said he was afraid of lying so he preferred to use the word maybe so as to not misstate something. Now I thought that was real cute and so good of him of not wanting to lie. And you must agree these are normal for 7 year olds, no?

He also started squinting/twitching his eyes. Now that was not normal. He said he did it when he had a “bother” in his lower tummy.  After 10 days or so I made an appointment with our pediatrician. She was thinking bladder infection so we tested for that but  it came back negative.  She gave us a couple of suggestions but when he continued we went back in January. At that time we saw the nurse and she sent us home saying there was nothing wrong. Ten days later I made an appointment with an Urologist. Not much there either. One month later we went to the eye doctor, because Kendrick started rolling his eyes back. But there was no allergy or vision problem. Then Kendrick started having twitches in his shoulders. All the twitches were due to this “bother” he had. Nothing hurt; it just bothered him in the lower abdomen. Then we went back to the Urologist in May and he told us that there was nothing wrong again, but that he believed there was another problem (FINALLY!!!!). We were at Children’s Hospital, so he sent us upstairs to the lab for a Strep test. He gave me a list of three possibilities for Kendrick’s twitching and one he thought could be PANDAS. He instructed us to go back to our pediatrician with his list. Lab results came back positive for Strep.

So from November to May we knew something was wrong but could not figure it out. None of the Doctors had any clue, and finally one thought out of the box and pointed us in the right direction. But by then he visibly had something wrong. He was not just twitching his nose and closing his eyes, his shoulders and neck also had twitches.

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June 6, 2011 at 5:13 pm

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