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Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

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My amazing sister in law recommended we talk to Martha. Martha was a friend of the family and a specialist in using natural therapies. She also uses a machine that can see what the body’s problems are. Electrodermal screening is used to find issues by measuring the electrical resistance on the skin’s surface. The purpose is to detect energy imbalances along invisible lines of the body described by acupuncturists as meridians. The FDA does not believe that this instrument can detect disease, but many of Kendrick’s problems were found through this screening. Electrodermal screening, or EDS, unites 20th century technology with the ancient healing arts of acupuncture. It was first developed around 50 years ago in Germany by a doctor named Voll. In the late 1940s he was studying the Chinese acupuncture meridian system when he had an interesting idea. He reasoned that if acupuncture theory was correct and channels of energy did run throughout the body there should be a way to measure this energy. So he constructed a device to measure the electrical conductivity of acupuncture points on the skin using electrodes.

This is an amazing machine, but from what I understand, you need to find a good interpretor, and Martha is the best. We went to see her in Alabama and with this machine she found that Kendrick had a Candida infection, metal toxicity, a problem with his atlas bone, a very weak immune system, lymes disease, and a problem with his dopamine level!!

She prescribed homeopathic medications for the lymes, herbes for the detox and cleansing, vita food to boost the immune system, and no more toxic cavity filings or tunafish for the toxins. We also immediately went to fix his Atlas bone with a specialist. Ten days later, after implementing all of these, we saw an amazing improvement.



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June 5, 2011 at 4:48 pm

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