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So after a five month break, where we did not need to have any medication at all, we had to get back of them. My son started have vocal tics, repeating the word “probably” all the time, and obliging us to acknowledge the fact that he said it. Plus he started having to say it louder and louder. So after a month we started him on Risperidone again at the minimum dose. Practically immediately he started have anxiety issues. Is that due to the meds or is it part of Tourette’s? Also noticed he’s cranky, tired and winey now. But after three weeks he started saying maybe a lot less and is doing better. It is so hard to assess though which is better: repeating probably/maybe every other sentence loudly or being scared tired and winey. Hopefully in October he’ll do better again, like last year.


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April 23, 2013 at 9:34 pm

Posted in Medications, Tics

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